Extraordinary opening in December

Our stores will remain open on the following days in the morning and afternoon:

  • Monday 18
  • Wednesday 13 - 20 - 27
  • Sunday 24 - 31 (morning-only)

Tosoni: passion at the service of tradition

Tosoni and the Italian region of Friuli, a double success and a family brand that today is synonym of quality. A passion that, since 1940, produces and selects the best cheeses and typical products of Friuli: Montasio cheese, smoked Ricotta, ancient Asìno cheese, Frico cheese and also traditional cured meats such as musetto, brovada as well as other national and international selections, in addition to Gragnano pasta and French cheeses. A temple of flavor to give a future to the taste of tradition!

Asìno Cheese

The secret of this product lies in the ancient alchemy...


Scuete Fumade

Fresh ricotta is obtained through a traditional method...



mmersed for 3 to 4 months in a “salmùerie” ...


Formadi Frant

This cheese is produced using local “latteria cheeses”, therefore it...