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Asìno Tenero

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Asìno may be the oldest Friulian cheese. It originated in the mountains of Pieve d’Asio, in the area of Clauzetto using age-old preservation techniques. The secret of Asìno lies in the soaking for about 20 days of small fresh cheeses in a brine known as "Salmùerie", a mixture of milk, cream and salt that has the unique characteristic of not going bad if properly tended; on the contrary, the older it is, the more highly it is prized (Tosoni’s Salmùeries are 200 years old). After being removed from Tosoni’s centuries-old Salmùeries, the cheese is milky white, rindless and with soft consistency. In Friuli, it is traditionally accompanied by polenta or boiled potatoes: a marriage made in heaven! However, we believe that it is a cheese that can be used in many different ways, for example with vegetables, in fondue, on meat, or melted in a fluffy omelette.